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Killing Moon 30 Day Karmic Reversal Intensive Magickal Working


All spells that I provide were written and worked by me and this is one of the rituals/spells that I have not made available to the public because of its intensity as a working.  The spell works over a 30 day period that is aligned to my own cycle and is carried out each day. 


The spell works to resolve all karmic negative/low energy karmic bonds in a similar way to a reversal spell except that with the Killing Moon spell this work is carried out to be concluded within a 30 day period and any negative Karmic influence or bond around you that may be affecting you or your work detrimentally is removed within this period to be returned to its source or completely dissipated; the Karma is basically put on 'fast forward' to be worked out and remove any debt or imbalance that may exist.  Each day of the working a 'debt' or 'debtor' is dealt with.  Now if you say your bank manager has caused a karmic imbalance I don't know that and I don't know who is at fault; what I do know is that this spell only 'kills' or ensures a karmic debt is worked out to its proper conclusion if it exists so if you imagine you may have a karmic imbalance with your bank manager that's negatively affecting you, it doesn't do any harm to 'name names' in this working.  However, because it covers a 30 day period it means you can (if you wish) specifically name up to 30 conditions/situations/people/circumstance etc that you feel are or might be causing a negative influence.  They may be minor negative influences like an irritating co-worker; but at times if a number of such minor negative influences builds up, the cumulative effect can have a real impact on your life.  Affecting your health, business, sense of wellbeing and even revealing itself in what appears to be a run of 'bad luck'.


The longer such a circumstance is left the more the negative karmic influences can build and some people deal with them and shrug them off more easily than others.  The problem can arise if you are run down or a situation comes up that causes you to be at a low ebb or maybe even depressed...then negative influences become less easy to shrug off and you may find that they accumulate and your situation seems to become worse and more intensely negative over time.


The Killing Moon Spell should not be used lightly because it works and it works fast.  I do not recommend using it more than 3 times in a year even if you are someone whose work or personality or mood or health tends to bring more negative associations than others might experience.


If you are one of these people what I have written above will resonate with may find that your sleep and dreams are affected; that sometimes you actually feel you are under some kind of 'curse' or psychic attack as it can feel like a very external experience (this is because those karmic influences you are connecting with are not yours but belong to other people basically).  It make you feel isolated and helpless and if time goes on with it unresolved this can make you feel quite paranoid and untrusting towards others as well as feeling more depressed and isolated too.


If you feel the Killing Moon Spell may help you I am happy to work it for anyone as I say above it cannot do harm; it is a hex but it hexes negative karmic influence that shouldn't be there and the hex it imposes is that that influence be resolved (which means either it goes back to whoever sent it, or it dissipates and you receive the appropriate compensation and relief as it does so).


It is a hard working for me to perform.  Realistically I would limit myself to performing this for not more than 4 people simultaneously and the price reflects this.  If at any time demand for the working exceeds this level I will note the site and withdraw the option until I have completed the work for the other parties. 


This spell has a powerful 'tabula rasa'/slate clearing aspect to it; it very much clears all debris and problems in one fell swoop it can be worked any time but it is an excellent spell for using any time you are wanting to make a new start or 'clear the decks' or make a change that involves starting something new like a new business or a new relationship or job or anything like that.  It is a very good way to set yourself off 'on the right foot' as we say.


If you have any questions about whether it may help your situation, please don't hesitate to email me. 

You may also read more about me, magick and the services available by requesting an information pack from me...

The fee for this spell is 600



Below is an excerpt from my blog about the Killing Moon Spell that addresses some of the questions people have and details more fully the working itself...


31st July 2012: It is that time of the month again when interest in the Killing Moon ritual peaks.  The next working will begin on the 7th August and I have had a number of inquiries regarding how the spell works and whether there are spaces left...well...technically there is one space left...but because demand is high and because the current special offer means my time is not so restricted when it comes to attunements as I can work around my own schedule, if others take this option I will complete to workings of the spell each day for the 30 day period of the spell and hope this will open the option to as many people who feel they need this help at this time.


Now there is information about the spell and how it works and how magick works in general on my website - and this may be of assistance.  But I have received some specific questions that may apply to others too.  So I will explain in brief how the spell works and the kind of circumstances it may assist in if there are specific concerns you want to know if the working would address...


The spell works on the energy field of the subject; it doesn't direct any manipulation or energy at others as this kind of infringement of freewill would be black magick.  However, the spell may affect those around you because during the 30 day working, karmic links/bonds of a low vibrational nature or of negative/restrictive energies, are broken at your side.  This allows you to release them and be free of them.  There is a 'snap back' effect to those who have incurred a karmic debt with you however...whether it is deliberate or unconscious...current or past...the spell cuts off their access to your energy...that connection would otherwise persist until the karmic balance between you had been redressed so it severs that link and they then have the 30 period to resolve their karma themselves.  Other times the link may be to outmoded beliefs, restrictive thought patterns, damaging habits, places, memories...any kind of unhealthy connection. 


So the main purpose of the spell is to free you from these that your work in spirituality, manifestation, or simply being yourself and living your life, can continue unhindered by negative associations or energy connections.  And 'enemies' do not have to be known or their motivations understood for this to work...we don't need samples of their hair or fingernails!  Because we are breaking a very real karmic 'bond' at your side and it will automatically dissipate if it is appropriate or snap back to the source of it.


Now, the snap back effect of severing a karmic bond and demanding the 'slate cleared' can be quite harsh in the case of people who have negative intentions towards you whether they apply these consciously or by neglect or unconsciously...but karma seeks balance and harmony and though they may have spun a web of malignity, the spell will untangle it for the reason that if it is not untangled, they connection to you is not fully resolved and may be restored later.  So depending on the situation it may have a seemingly negative effect on others...but in fact the spell has nothing to do with them only in as much as you are ensuring if they have a problem with you, they deal with it and don't involve you in their psycho-drama.  That would be the gist of the matter.


So with this principle you can see that most negative situations can be alleviated or resolved completely with this working...not to mention the increased sense of freedom, healing and peace that you have from setting aside the 'baggage'.


Some specific questions that have been raised and that this spell would address are as follows:


Negative familial relationship

Disruptive person in the home

Disruptive entity in the home or around a particular person

Bullying (physical/mental/anonymous - makes no difference)



Legal matters such as contract breaches or business problems

Abuse of any kind at all

Negative intentions directed at you

Malicious and unfounded 'gossip' about you

Jealousy and resentment directed by others

Problems with work

Court cases

Bad habits

Addictive behaviours

Compulsive thinking

Habits of 'living in the past'

Blaming others for your lot in life

Negative self talk

Undermining one's own success through fear

Habitual negative attitudes

Habits of overeating for comfort or grounding

Disproportionate or irrational fear and worry that results from a habit


There are many many more issues that would be addressed by the Killing Moon working...when it comes to resolving Karmic debt in this way it is the most powerful working available and it is very intensive and it will make huge changes manifest for you; it can't fail to do that.  But many of the changes you experience are in areas you may not realise you have created a karmic debt or where you didn't realise another person wished you ill.  So you could say this working is 'indiscriminate' in the sense that it will resolve all karmic debts whatever the type or source.


Now the effects of magickal workings are permanent so the changes that manifest from the spell stay...but you do need to be aware that if you don't change the way you live given the opportunity the spell provides, you may find yourself undermining in some way...and some of the negative associations will begin to come back.  For this reason I recommend using some energy attunement modalities in conjunction with the spell to support it and as part of the manifestation of conscious change on your part.  In particular I recommend Attraction Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and the Violet Flame for this purpose.  The Crystal Rose can also be helpfully soothing as you go through the process of the spell (with many changes a soothing energy can make things feel more comfortable)...and another recommendation would be the Celestial Encodings 1-9 - which provide you with a number of spiritual tools that can be used consciously to enhance and support your development work.


I hope you have found this blog helpful! <3  If you have any questions, just drop me a line XXX