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Note: ALL SPELLS are worked by Maya; Devoted High Priestess of the Gardnerian Tradition & 3rd Degree witch with over two decades experience | Witch Queen & Magna Mater of the Mater Aeterna Coven Matrix | All spells and rituals are written by Maya and are genuine crafted workings combining shamanism, ritual magick, seidr, galdr and traditional witchcraft in a unique, highly powerful and effective comprehensive method.  As a Mage of the 7th Order, my work is exclusive, inimitable & potent. If you are not serious about your wishes, my spells are not for you; they work and all the magickal services I provide are the genuine article | Beware of imitations!

Maya Magickal is part of the Mayastar Independent Lightworker Home Temple Ministry (Mayastar) & the Lux Aeterna Templum Universitas | All work is carried out personally by Maya (Rev. Anna May) |  Initiated 3rd Degree Gardnerian High Priestess & Witch Queen | Magna Mater of the Mater Aeterna Coven Matrix | Devoted Seidkona of the Northern Tradition | Experienced Galdr Mage | Shaman of the Northern Tradition including various techniques of Seidr | Psychic & Clairvoyant | Indigo Lightworker | Writer, Poet & Artist | Founder of the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement | Qualified Psychotherapist & Integrated Therapeutic Counsellor | Energy Healing Attunement Master/Teacher & Spiritual Facilitator | Principal of the Lux Aeterna Temple University & Mayastar Academy


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Spells can be scheduled to a client's requirements. If you change a scheduled appointment within 48 hours of the date/time that has been agreed, you will be subject to a 20 administration fee, and a further 20 fee for rescheduling.  You will be billed 40 by PayPal invoice before the cancelled spell goes ahead.


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As the petitioner, you accept ultimate responsibility on all levels, including Karmically by making your choice.  I can only make recommendations; I can never tell you what to do.  Because with magick, it is your decision that puts the onus on you for any changes that manifest and for the success of any working; the flip side is that you must understand, if you request me to work a spell or intensive I have recommended against, any failure or problems incurred are as a result of your decision. I am a 3rd Degree Initiated Gardnerian High Priestess and Witch Queen; Magna Mater of the Mater Aeterna Coven Matrix; Devotioned Seidkona of the Northern Tradition and practitioner of Seidr, Galdr and the Northern Shamanic Traditions.  So if you ask my advice and then decide to do something else against my recommendation, it is your choice but against my recommendation and any problems you encounter would be yours to do deal with karmically and in any mundane ways they manifest. When you choose to have magick worked on your behalf, you accept full responsibility for the outcome and I am exempt from any liability, obligation or culpability.  By choosing to buy from this site, you accept the terms of this covenant.


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I am often asked by regular and prospective clients how long a spell lasts...does it run out?  Does it need to be repeated?  For this reason I have written a short article that hopefully will explain how this works...

Spells don't wear off or stop working; they don't have a certain period of influence and then stop creating the effect they initiated. What happens and why spells are repeated as a maintenance or as a regular precaution for some clients, is that spells work by adjusting karmic influence to put the emphasis on the channels you wish it to flow down. And it does this by working with the influences present and emphasising those most useful at the time so that the path of least resistance becomes the one in tune with what you wish to achieve.

However other influences are always at play in your life and these can rarely be stopped entirely...magick can eliminate them for a time or slow them down but inevitably the flow of your karma/wyrd fluid in nature and it can be moved about by things other than magick.  For example, negative self talk, limiting beliefs, negative situations, being around people and having relationships that may have a contradictory power to the one you wish to make the prevailing one in your life for a particular purpose.

Some spells can be overruled by external influences and effects more quickly than others depending on your situation, your mindset, past karma, habits and beliefs and the influence of those around you, than others. So there isn't a time limit or anything, but there is a limit to the influence a spell can exude over all aspects of life around you and that is why sometimes they may need repeating and sometimes people opt to have a regular working/workings as part of their 'maintenance' to keep their energy clear and optimal for achieving their goals.

A spell essentially works forever...but as we can't stop the karmic effects of our own lives as we go forward there will come a point where those other effects may become more prevalent than the spell.

When this happens we can repeat the spell of course! Or we can use other methods to support a working to facilitate a longer lasting result by working on more fronts than just magickally; for example a Good Fortune spell might also be supported by learning Attraction Reiki. Or, as a number of my clients do, you may choose to have a maintenance spell plan where you buy a package of spells to be repeated on a monthly basis going forward. I do this myself using the Reversal of Ill Fortune Spell and Good Fortune Spells each month for myself and Mayastar and this combination is very popular with clients too - so they have two spells worked each month for them and usually pay on a quarterly basis as two packages so that they receive 20% off.  In addition the latest spell to be made available: The Killing Moon 30 Day Spell can be used once or twice a year as an extra boost.  It is one that I wrote to use before 'new year' and is my 'tabula rasa' (clean slate) working!

I hope this helps explain more about how magick and spells work but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

You may also read more about me, magick and the services available by requesting an information pack from me...